Corporate Vision

Do the popular high frequency line high speed line research and development manufacturer
To be a popular integrated cable solution provider

Corporate Mission

Always innovate    Provide high speed and reliable transmission scheme for new technology and
new products.

Operation excellence    To provide high-quality cable products for global brand customers.
Symbiosis and win-win    To provide high-quality cable products for global brand customers.


Core Values

Unity of knowledge and action

Knowledge is the beginning of action, everything is prepared, do a good job of research planning, do not fight unprepared battle;
Line is to know, constantly improve, with the career of life, with performance to motivate the team.

Steady and steady progress

Steadily improve the return on investment and cash flow to ensure the sustainable development of enterprises; Aim high and keep technological innovation and excellent management to build a century-old enterprise.

Customer First

The interests of core customers are our interests, from the technical quality cost service;
Multi-dimensional to meet customer needs, create value for customers, give customers the reason to place orders.

Craftsmanship spirit

Quality first, with good quality products to serve customers, build a good brand;
Strive for excellence, with lean management methods to manage the enterprise, the achievement of a good team.

Put people first

Enterprise is the monastery of life. It has been continuously endowed with ability, management by objectives and incentive mechanism, making Tecsun a striver alliance, a successful alliance and a happy alliance.

Same dream, same frequency

Let the vision and mission become the common ideals and beliefs of the team, and unite to realize the dream; Use plans and objectives to unify the team's action and direction, focus on the city and fortress.

Staff style