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Huizhou Desheng Wire Co., LTD., founded in 2009, is a high-tech enterprise specialized in the development, production and sales of high-end integrated wire and cable. The main products are USB3.0, USB3.1, HDMI, DP, VR, Thunderbolt 3 and other 8K high-frequency data cables. Mini SAS, QSFP, PCIE and other high-speed cables, industrial cables and robot flexible cables, new energy supporting cables and other major series. Products are widely used in HD display, game consoles, mobile phones, computers, computer rooms, servers, chassis, cars, robots and so on.

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Ul Wire


Electric Characters:

1.Voltage rating (额定电压):30V

2.Temperature rating (额定温度): 80℃

3.Spark test (火花测试): AC-1500V /0.15 sec MIN.

4. Dielectric strength (耐压强度): DC-750V/ 1 sec MIN.

5. Insulation resistance (绝缘阻抗): FOAM-SKIN-PE,PP: DC-500V 100 MΩ·Km MIN. at 20℃.

6.D-C Resistance (直流阻抗): 481Ω/Kat 20℃ MAX. (31AWG)

7. Impedance(阻抗)(Ω) : Diffierential(差模) : 100Ω±5

8. Delay(延时)(ns/m): 4.50 ns/m

9 .Delay skew(延时差)(ps): Within a pair(对内):<50ps/Cable; between pairs(对间)≤4ns /cable

10.Return Loss : -15dB(max) @100MHZ~675MHz -12.9dB(max) @1GHz

-9.20dB(max) @2GHz -7.04dB(max) @3GHz

-5.50dB(max) @4GHz -4.31dB(max) @5GHz

-3.33dB(max) @6GHz -2.51dB(max) @7GHz

11.Attenuation(衰减)(d B/cable): -5.02dB(min)@100MHz~450MHz; -7.695dB(min)@1 GHz ;

-12.595dB(min)@2 GHz;-17.495dB(min)@3GHz ;-22.395dB(min)@4GHz;-27.295dB(min)@5 GHz;

-32.195dB(min)@6GHz;-37.095dB(min)@7 GHz

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